Understanding to jackpot
[ 21-06-2019 ]

Understanding to jackpot


For any casino player, the word jackpot signifies the most important part of an online casino, that is the dream of winning a life-changing amount for just a single spin coming true. Well, that's possible as it has happened several times over the past few years. There is more to a jackpot game than what the eyes. Therefore, in this article, you'll get to know about jackpot games starting from the types of jackpots to strategies of playing jackpot games.

What is a jackpot game?

Technically, the word jackpot refers to a massive amount of money through a game. In other cases, the term is used to refer to the jackpot games available, that is slot games that offer you a chance of winning the said massive amount of money.

Types of jackpot

Generally, there are four types of jackpot. And they include network jackpots, local jackpots, progressive jackpots, and fixed jackpots. Each of these types has different size or amount of jackpot payout that you'll get after winning.

1. Network jackpot
It comprises of bets placed by players across the entire casino hosting the game in hand. This type of jackpot acts like a national lottery as players from across the country contribute to the cash prize in the pot, and in the end, the winner can be someone from another nation. Network jackpots are considered to be the largest type of jackpot merely because the bets of many players go towards the prize pot.

2. Local jackpot
It involves bets made by players at a specific casino. It means only the locals are allowed to play and, therefore, the winner will be a local. A local jackpot is a small type of jackpots since the prize pot is formed by the bets made by players from that casino only

3. Progressive jackpot
From its name, you can guess that it is a jackpot game that is progressive. That means it grows each time a bet is made by a player from that casino or across the network. It is the most popular type of jackpot since it keeps on growing and have huge prizes.

4. Fixed jackpot
It is the only one that does not fluctuate in terms of prizes. Therefore, the games with fixed jackpot provide a player an opportunity of taking home a fixed sum of money as the game-play continues. Moreover, it does not rely on bets made by players either locally or across the network.

How to create a jackpot strategy?

Many players will see that having a strategy is pointless when playing a jackpot game. It's because they believe these games are based on luck. Well, to some extent that might be true, but having a strategy goes a long way to help you win or even minimize losses. You can develop your jackpot strategy in the following ways;

1. Stick to your budget

2. Set a loss limit

3. Learn more about the game you are playing as well as other jackpot games Be keen on the bonuses and promotions

4. Play small as bigger bets do not mean higher chances of winning
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What next after winning a jackpot?

The following is what happens after winning a jackpot;

1. Verification of the win: Some time will be taken by the casino you were playing in to see if your win was legitimate, that is no abuse or fraud got involved.

2. Payout: The payout depends on the casino's terms and condition — others will play the whole amount, and others payout based on their set monthly limit.


If you've not yet tried playing a jackpot game, you can now go ahead. With these, you can win yourself life-changing money.