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In western countries gambling and online casinos are legal and they don't have any restrictions as such. But when we compare it to Asian Countries like Singapore and India then online gambling is considered illegal and legal in few cases. But in general as a user you should be aware of these points if you are involved in such activities.

Minimum age to “play online casino in Singapore”?

The legal gambling age in Singapore is 21 years. It is mandatory that you don’t indulge in playing casino online if you are under 21 years old, otherwise, you are eligible for court discretion. This will spoil your career and you might face any difficulties in future. So it is better to be cautious about this aspect and play safe. If you are really interested then you might enjoy few of the offline card games which don’t need anyone’s approval or guidance.

Ease of use:
Most of the individuals are well versed towards gambling and few of them go an extra mile and create a profile for themselves in all online live casino in Singapore.  It is easy to play because most of the payments are accepted by credit cards and the individual feels free to gamble online from his own house. So the comfort level of the user is not at all compromised.

How is “Singapore casino online gambling” is regulated?
The beauty of the online casino is that the business owner can set up website hosting anywhere in the world and can welcome users from Singapore or any other country. Thus being said, the government doesn’t have any role to play because it doesn’t come under its jurisdiction. Also, the taxation on the money earned is also completely different. The amount won by the individual will not be taxed but the business owner is taxed based on the profit made.

What is the currency accepted in most of the online casino Singapore?

Most of the online gambling sites restrict the users and mandate US dollars, Euro’s or Pounds etc.

Based on the currency accepted from above, the conversion rate is available to the local Singapore dollars. Most of the popular online sites offer competitive exchange rates. The exchange rates will only come into existence when you are deposit money into your casino account. Also, while withdrawing.

Well, these are few things that one should definitely consider while looking for online gambling in Singapore.

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