How To Win 918Kiss Sun Wukong Game?
[ 02-08-2019 ]

How To Win 918Kiss Sun Wukong Game?

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What is 918Kiss Sun Wukong?

Sun Wukong is a online slot game, the four pilgrims set out to reward players with a base game of five reels and fifteen pay-lines. The Monkey King puts in the effort as Sun Wukong slots Wild symbol with two roles. One, he is the top paying symbol with five instances on an active pay-line can hit a 10,000 times the bet line in your lap.

Secondly, the monkey king not only substitutes all other symbols except the Scatter, but also doubles any wins generated. The Scatter for this online slot game, it suddenly can trigger payouts in the base game, it also unlocks Sun Wukong’s free spins this happens when three or more instances of him are in view.

Why is 918Kiss Sun Wukong So Popular?
Those online slots fans of a certain age will no doubt remember the Monkey, a Japanese TV show based on a Chinese tale, this is an oriental theme game from 918Kiss will be known as Sun Wukong, which roughly means as Monkey King, from Dota to Lol so many version of this character have been portrayed all kinds of gaming platforms and now in the online slot casino game version as well where you can download here to play.

Sun Wukong’s is also themed and designed with a backdrop of the mountains and greenery and to go accompany with some Chinese music during the gameplay really suits the occasion and players will enjoy. There are five high value, theme related symbols including Tripitaka, Pigsy and Sandy, Tripitaka horse and a peach, all part of Monkeys original downfall. The other symbols are 9,10, J, Q, K and A that make up for the lower values.

How to Play 918Kiss Sun Wukong?

There’s a little more magic to this Monkey Bonus game, this are some the events framed around this historical tale of Sun Wukong :

Valley of the Sun – A bonus of twenty free spins and all wins are counted as being doubled.

Mountain of Fruits and Flowers- A bonus of ten free spins with all the wins, times by 4.

Kingdom of Heaven – Just eight free spins are given here, but all those wins are times by 5 from the standard payout.

Whichever route to bonus that your heart desires, the scatter remains a companion that can make you win a lot of money. To my opinion, the game is well presented to our online casino players and his very soothing ambience in many aspects, the game with its free choice of free spin games gives the player a sense of being in the game with all the choices that can bring their own fate.

How to Win Sun Wukong?

Slot games in general number one rule always max out the pay-lines so that you can make the most money in every possible combination of numbers. Budget yourself, but if you feeling a little lucky you can always try maxing out the bet so you make the most profit possible from that bet. Another thing is if your not feeling it with the game now, stop wait and come back later, the game won’t run away but your money sure will, so take breather and try later.

Some players try to grind their way through which for me doesn’t always work, sometimes a little break can go a long way in you losing or winning money. If your interested in Sun Wukong, you download it in our 918Kiss website, which as for android apk and as well for Ios users. To new members, they will get a 918Kiss welcome bonus for you to have the best possible advantage to gain money .

Where to Play Sun Wukong Game?

This is one of the most fantastic games to play in 918Kiss so if you’re really interested, please register for a 918Kiss account and contact our customer service to start depositing and playing this game!

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