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We can all agree that online gambling has become particularly popular in Malaysia over the last few years and online slots especially seem to be the favourite for many players. Gambling might not be for everybody but for some of us, having the chance to turn our money into more money during our spare time, is something that is very appealing.
Sure, gambling in Malaysia has its risks of course, as the casino will always win in the long run. However, a smart player always has the potential of taking down a big payout and walking away before giving it back. Gambling smartly has led to many players earning substantial profits out of the casinos for years, some are even professional gamblers. Casinos make their profits from those that do not gamble responsibly mainly, not the clever gamblers that know how to play the game and when to walk.
When it comes to gambling online in Malaysia, while traditional casino games are a popular choice, over recent years it has been online slots that have become the games of choice at the online casinos. Created by casino software developers such as Microgaming, these online slots do not only provide an efficient manner in which to try and win some money but they can also be incredibly fun to play as well.
Online Slots and Why They are Popular
Online slots are not only popular in Malaysia but also on a global scale as they provide players with a quick and easy way to gamble money. Why are they so popular? Well, apart from being easily accessible, easy to play and can be enjoyed in short bursts of time, some of the more modern slots also have fantastic graphics and animations and the game features can be really excellent too.
As well as the obvious playability and entertainment that these online slots can bring, the prizes up for grabs can be extremely substantial as well. Many of these online slots will have massive progressive jackpots that will grow over time until one lucky player gets lucky enough to win it. These progressive jackpots can either be won at random or by hitting a certain winning combination on the reels. Once a progressive jackpot has been won, it resets itself once again and starts to grow after each and every spin that players have in the online slot.
Another reason why slots are so popular is that of the wide variety of them to choose from. You have everything from movie-themed slots, fantasy-themed slots, classic style slots, sports-themed slots and just about anything else that you can th
ink of. On top of this, they also range in complexity to allow for players of all skill and experience levels to be able to gamble in Malaysia in an online setting. Some will have just 3-reels and 1-payline but some will be a little more complicated with more than 1000 ways to win being used as reel formats.
Why Microgaming?
Now that we know why online slots are so popular in Malaysia, we should now let you know why Microgaming online slots are among the very best to play at. As one of the worlds leading online slots developers, Microgaming have churned out thousands of enjoyable online fruit machines to play.
Where they stand out against most other online casino game developers is their consistency in providing very high quality. It is very rare to find an online slot by Microgaming that is not enjoyable to play, does not have good graphics and animations and does not have some good potential to pay out good sums of money to its players.
They are also masters at providing online slots across a wide range of different themes, styles and complexity. They are just as known for their excellent classic fruit machines type slots that have just a few paylines and reels as they are for their more modern online fruit machines that contain tons of game features and bonus rounds.
Everything from stacked wilds, expanding wilds, scatter symbols, wild reels, bonus games and progressive jackpots can be found in many of Microgaming titles. Essentially, these guys are at the top of their game much like they have been ever since they first started out in the online gambling industry.
Many online casinos in Asia use Microgaming slots, in Particular in Malaysia where online slots are hugely popular. We strongly recommend that you find which Microgaming slots your online casino has and test them out, as you will quickly see that there are not many other online slot developers that can touch them with regards to quality.
Online gambling in Malaysia, as we have already mentioned, is probably at the most popular it has ever been. Due to the improvement of mobile technology, it is also at its most accessible for most people and this is probably the reason why there has been such an explosion of interest in playing online slots in the country. Afterall, nearly everyone has a smartphone or tablet in Malaysia these days, right?
With all of that in mind, Microgaming has proven in this region just like it has all over the world, that they are among the very best online casino gaming developers about and that their slots are nearly always of the very best quality. Most of their slots are also mobile-optimised which means that you can enjoy them on your iOS or Android devices as well as on your home computers. You can now player no matter where you are as long as you have enough time to have a few spins on the reels.
If you are one of the few players that have yet to try out a Microgaming slot when gambling in Malaysia, we suggest that you do so the next time you get a chance. You might just surprise yourself and win a nice little cashout at one of their most enjoyable online slots.