Ways to avoiding yourself into trouble when placing your bet in Malaysia Sport Betting
[ 25-11-2019 ]

Ways to avoiding yourself into trouble when placing your bet in Malaysia Sport Betting

Soccer Betting is one of the popular gambling that are available in Singapore but the only thing is it is stated as illegal in this country. If you get caught because of soccer betting, you might get fine or maybe even worse get jail depends on its situation. But this problem can be solved by using the foreign platform to place their bet. I know there is a platform called Singapore Sport Betting that provided by SMCrown which is the platform from the country of Philippine and soccer betting is legal in that country. Also, there are many more country that soccer betting is legal and you can search for more. Although the platforms are from the foreign country, but they still accept Singapore Dollar for the transaction of capitals.

Before I get into the main topic, I might quickly make a summarise of the laws. There are some people who wanted to make the soccer betting legal in Singapore. In this way, the Asian platform and the country might get benefits. For sure, there is no effect in Singapore Sport Betting. From the research shown, there are approximately RM1,000,000,000 of wages are placed in Singapore every day. If the country legalised the soccer betting, they can apply the taxes to the transaction and some other things.

Then, the players can place their bet in the safe condition as it is already legalised. But, there are still some people who are against the law, they think that soccer betting should be illegalised because this can reduce the crimes happening.

The easiest way to get arrested is when players exchanging the money, placing their bet in Cyber Café while IP address get tracked down, or betting with the platforms which are already get caught. Until today, the soccer betting is still illegal and arrests are still happening. So, players are more advisable to place their bet through the platform like Singapore Sport Betting from the country which are legal.

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